Things You Should Know About Repairing Your Transmission


Transmission Replacement

If there is significant damage to a transmission, it may need to be replaced. A replacement transmission may be among the most expensive car repairs that you can have. When a transmission is replaced, it may be replaced with a remanufactured transmission instead of a brand-new transmission. A replacement transmission can be a used transmission that has had parts replaced by the factory itself. If the transmission is too far gone to be rebuilt in a repair shop, an automotive business that specializes in transmissions may suggest that it be replaced.


Transmission Rebuild

If a transmission is not too badly damaged, it may be rebuilt in a repair shop by removing it from the car and replacing the worn or inoperable parts. This process may be similar to what happens with a remanufactured transmission, except that the rebuilding can occur at the repair shop and only certain parts may be fixed or replaced. A Transmission rebuild may be less expensive than a transmission replacement.


Transmission Repair

Sometimes only a small component needs to be repaired and can be accomplished without disassembling the entire transmission. This could involve replacing external seals, a clutch or a transaxle range switch. The cost may vary depending on the price of the part and the amount of time that it takes to complete the work.


Transmission Flush

A transmission flush can involve completely removing all the transmission fluid from a car and replacing it with fresh fluids. This can be done as part of routine maintenance on your vehicle or may be performed when your car begins to show signs that the transmission fluid may have excess dirt and debris in it.  When performed by an experienced and reputable transmission repair shop, this may be one of the least expensive treatments that could save you money in future repairs.

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