The Advantages of Flushing and Filling Your Radiator

Keeping your vehicle’s engine in a good working condition can save you time and money down the road. One of the best ways to keep your engine running smoothly is with an annual radiator flush. The radiator helps keep your engine running at an optimal temperature. A poorly maintained system can cause your engine block to overheat and leave you in a lurch. Luckily, this can be avoided with timely maintenance.  

A Simple but Effective Heat Dispersal System


While you may not know every detail about how your vehicle works, you probably understand the importance of your engine. In the process of generating power for your vehicle, the engine also produces excess heat through friction. While the engine oil helps protect the engine block, it can only do so much. The radiator pumps coolant through a series of tubes which absorb excess heat. The coolant then returns to the radiator and the heat dissipates into the air. With an annual radiator flush, you can help keep this process running smoothly.


The Dangers of an Unflushed System


Many people rotate their tires and have their oil changed on a regular basis; however, they neglect to flush and fill their radiators. This can be a dangerous practice because coolant that isn’t changed on the recommended schedule can turn acidic and become less effective at cooling the engine. Additionally, solid deposits can build up overtime in the cooling system which can lead to blockages and overheating. Your vehicle can only tolerate so many miles of elevated temperatures before a vital component stops working.


Let the Professionals Flush Your System


A radiator flush can be a complicated procedure. That’s why you should leave this chore to the professionals who can ensure a safe and thorough job. Your vehicle runs best when it’s maintained well, so consult your owner’s manual and see if you’re overdue for a flush and fill of your radiator.

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