What makes a good general auto repair shop?
Is it a specialty in maintenance or drive transmission, or is it a team’s ability to deliver a quality service?

Macs Auto Repair

Auto Technicians That Do Things Differently

Here at Mac’s Automotive it is all the above and more. We are a local CT company, that has worked hard to ensure our clients are able to drive away happy after they take their car to get looked at by one of our technicians. It seems to be an unusual concept in the mechanic business, but here at Mac’s, we like to chat about what is going on with your car, and how we can best help you and your car extend your life together.

The Mac Way of Running a Shop

We want to make sure that you aware of what is going on with your car, and no matter if that means a quick brief over the phone or a detailed overview in the shop, you have the right to know. One of our technicians will walk you through the issues, and how we want to approach the issue. This goes for our general auto repair, our maintenance services and drives tran services, and with  Mac, we will always get your blessing before moving forward with any repair.

Our Technicians

Mac’s automotive is known for its expertise, and most of the reason for this is our technicians. We handpicked our guys and gals to work in our shop and with their ability to work on both domestic and international vehicles, you will be in good hands when you make your way to Mac’s.

Our Service Area

When we first opened, the team at Mac’s saw a need in Danbury, CT to have a quality mechanic to work with them. However, since our inception, we are proud to take cars and clients from across the county and will work with you to organize tows or service calls to allow you the greatest flexibility possible. Call our team today, and see why Mac’s automotive is the top choice for general auto repair, maintenance and drive trans work in and around Danbury, CT!


How Can We Help You?

As one of the top automotive shops in Danbury, CT, the team at Mac’s cannot wait to help you and your car out.

Call our team today, and see why so many have trusted the great people at Mac’s Automotive - your home to great service - and even better car care! Click the button below, use the form to the right, or call us at 203-791-0400 to see how we can help you with all your automotive problems.

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