When you are looking for quality general auto repair, you need to find a shop that does it all, including engine repair and brakes.


Decades of Experience in Danbury, CT

Here at Mac’s Automotive, we have been completing general auto repair for more than two decades. With our specialty and your car, it will be a match made in auto-repair heaven. Our team of technicians love a challenge, and no matter the issue, Mac’s technicians will be able to diagnose, prevent and fix the problem the right way, each time.

A Variety of Auto Repair Services

Mac’s is a bit of a jack of many trades shop, and our general auto repair services are no different. We have been able to carve out a pretty good niche for our services, and are proud to be working with the communities of Bethel, CT and Danbury, CT to deliver a top-notch experience for all our customers. Here are just a few of the great services we offer our clients;

  • Shocks and Struts
  • Check Engine lights
  • Exhaust including mufflers, tailpipes, catalytic converters for repairs and replacement
  • AC fixes including leaking lines and units

Our General Auto Repair Services

Every shop has their favorite services, and here at Mac’s, we love working with brakes and engines. Brakes offer a unique job that will allow us to look at brakes, brake pads, rotters and the hydraulic system that ensures our customers can stop. While our engine repair offers work on timing belts, alternators, starters, radiators and helping our customers who are always dealing with overheating. It is about time that you got fixed up the Mac way right here in Bethel and Danbury, CT!

Specialties in Our Shop

When it comes to our general auto repair service the team at Mac’s is proud to work with the great people of Danbury, CT and the surrounding area. We do things a little differently, and because of our customer centric approach, we have quickly become known as a top mechanic to see when your car is feeling a little blue.


How Can We Help You?

We have been completing services that include brakes to engines, and everything in between, and we absolutely love delivering a product that can keep our clients safe.

Call our team today, and see why so many have trusted the great people at Mac’s Automotive - your home to great service - and even better car care! Click the button below, use the form to the right, or call us at 203-791-0400 to see how we can help you with all your automotive problems.

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